Friday, October 28, 2016

Short Attention Span Segment #11

Five awesome things every Friday. This week:

  1. 99% Invisible: On Average.  The world was not built for you, it was built on measurements around the concept of the average. But what is average? A great exploration about the origins of this statistical measurement. 
  2. If you have been watching "Westworld" you may recognise this: "Paint It Black"gets the orchestral treatment.
  3. Zen Wisdom and KATZ! Dropping Ashes on the Buddha 
  4. Shakespeare on the silver screen: Fassbender as MacBeth, Cotillard as Lady MacBeth, and exquisite set and costume design. 
  5. Every human suffers from cognitive bias, so it's best to be acquainted with your humane flaws. This is a brilliant "Cheat Sheet" for understanding and identifying cognitive bias. 

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