Saturday, January 9, 2016

On Justice and a Netflix Documentary.....

I know I'm getting on the bandwagon on this, but "Making a Murderer", is required watching. It should be shown in all legal studies classes.  In fact, it should be watched by anybody who is part of the criminal justice system – that is, everyone. I won't go into the story here, it's worth the time to watch the story unfold, and I might add, rather unbelievable that this even miscarriage of justice occurred. 

 Much like "The Jinx” and "The Staircase" it paints justice in grey, and you can’t help but feel that justice often goes to the highest bidder. That 'innocent until proved guilty' is just a saying; that verbal, coerced and biased testimony can rule over the physical evidence; that “justice” for the state can be a biased investigation, and a quick result to satisfy a lynch mob; that because someone has a job that is considered honourable, they are honourable; that the boy’s club is so corrupt it will go to great lengths, such great lengths it will take away another’s freedom.

 That it can be more important to protect the state than the citizen.

You realize that should you ever come up against a system that has deemed you guilty, your only chance of walking free will be if can afford to pay for years of investigation. Even then, in the face of the absurd and impossible, you may still find yourself going to jail.

And if you think it's just in the USA, after you watch this, then revisit the media regarding Baden-Clay. You might find yourself questioning what you really know about that case, where your opinions are coming from and about the media's role in what became a witchhunt, right here in Brisbane.  And while a very different case, like many others where the media rustles up the crowds, where the need for swift action and an outcome, what has now happened has made it near impossible for a) victims to get actual justice b) the guilty to be truly proven and, c) the innocent be exonerated.  

Finally, if you watch this doco and want to know more, particularly the extent of the innocent that are imprisoned, please look here: The Innocence Project

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