Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Short Attention Span Segement: #10

So it's Saturday, and instead  pursuing things I like to do on a weekend such as thesis writing,  I'm at the lab doing experiments that need to be done, all on the back of a rather intoxicating night last night. Lucky the head isn't hurting - whiskey and I tend to get along and I didn't have too many....

While I wait for an A-tailing reaction to occur, here's the return of the Short Attention Span Segment otherwise known as SASS, otherwise known as a small list of cool stuff I found this week and would like to share: 

1. What happens when you make an open-production company bringing together thousands of artists of all types from around the world? Music, drawings, text, film, painting, animation, all made collaboratively, that's what! The results are just awesome. I love this concept and it's now a show! And it's the headed up by the always adorable Joseph Gordon Levitt:  HitRecord Variety Show

2. I love pirates. everyone should love pirates. They say "ARGH" and drink rum and have crazy adventures. A bit like me I guess, except replace the rum with whiskey. I also like recycling, upcycling, reusing, and creative uses for old things. This combines both: A life-size pirate ship made entirely out of reused cardboard

3. Ever wondered just how the Walter White made meth on "Breaking Bad"? Some researchers have figured out a possible way he did it without then need for cold and flu tablets:  Walter White's recipe analysed

4. Art meets Science. The staple of the microbiologist, the Petri dish, turned into a daily art project and the results are stunning: The Daily Dish

5. And finally, the man who was a witty word wizard, the ever-missed Christopher Hitchens on where to look if you need to be awe inspired:  Hitch on Awe

And look at that, a few minutes to spare before I have to get back to the lab!

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