Monday, August 20, 2012

The Short Attention Span Segment #8

Here's this week's random goodness from the web:

1. Season 3 of the Walking Dead is back soon, and there are some pretty disgusting zombies and a really cool trailer, which makes me even more excited for the return of this show: Walking Dead Season 3 

2. If you have arachnophobia don't click this link. But if you like spiders, and really cool photography then cool set of pictures is for you: Amazing Pictures of Raindrops on Spiders

3. There once as a lady who swallowed a pen, and 25 years later they found it, and it still worked: An unlikely story of a pen

4. Like documentaries? Ever wondered about evoution? Then check out this Youtube collection including Dawkins, Attenborough and one of my current favourite series called "Inside Nature's Giants". Many interesting hours of viewing to be had here: Evolution Documentary Channel

5. And for those of you that have agonised over the complex question of "what is better - cake or pie?" Here is the answer, the result of an in-depth and scientific evaluation. I do not agree with the answer however I may be biased in favour of cake. I suggest further, delicious research is needed: Hyperbole and a Half: Cake versus Pie

That's all for now, as you were...
In this case, the cake isn't a lie. In fact, it is rather delicious (and contrary to scientific evaluation, better than pie)

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