Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Short Attention Span Segment #5

1. Because governments make scientific funding a near impossbility, scientists are looking to crowd funding (aka. public donations) to get small projects off the ground. A great idea, but it really shouldn't be necessary: The SciFund Challenge

2. Where bad science and the underbelly of research is exposed: Retraction Watch

3. Telling it like it is and reviewing games for what they are (and hopefully revealing the harsh truth to the fans of Halo): Zero Punctuation

4. Some songs actually sound better as classical arrangements, and some songs become more awesome as classical arrangements: The Vitamin String Quartet cover Muse and Bruce Springsteen

5. Saw a great documentary on this team and how they are analysing dinosaur footprints to determine dinosaur behaviour: Australian Age of Dinosaurs

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