Monday, October 31, 2011

The Short Attention Span Segment #4

Ok, here we go, this week's top five for those who don't want to pay attention for too long:

1. NASA Astronomy image of the day, for absolutely breathtaking images of the universe, I can stare at these for hours: Today's Image (31st October)

2. Getting into the spirit of Halloween, with some amazing pumpkin carving: Halloween Pumpkin-Palooza

3. Because Ezio is the ultimate assassin: Penny Arcade

4. The Atheist Experience, a fab radio/web streaming show: Atheist Experience Homepage

5. Australian scientists Mike Lee and Trevor Worthy argue the case for Archaeopteryx being a primitive bird (and not a raptor as argued by Chinese researchers in July 2011): Cosmos Magazine News and Original Publication

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