Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the domain of the nerds and the geeks....(or why communicating science is important)

So it's the inaugural post of my blog. A blog which I have been meaning to get established for quite some time now. See I love science - yes that puts me in the domain of the geek or nerd in today's society, but as you'll see hopefully by reading this blog, it's pretty hard not to think science is pretty awesome.

So on the back of the fact that science is cool is my desire to get it out there. I know many scientists feel the same way, as countless other blogs exist written by scientists from all walks of life. But, as popular media would have it science is generally shown to be confined to those that hole themselves up in labs, who only manage to use words which have a minimum of 25 letters and end up angry old people who smell like mothballs.

Well, as many people in the field know, this isn't the case. Science is amazing and so are the people within the field. Science isn't and shouldn't be put in the too hard basket by the media, and people shouldn't feel like it's out of their daily life. I mean, just look around your house. Everything which makes life modern is a by product of science and then some - and it's sad that there is a popular notion that the foundations of inventions and knowledge are too difficult and that a lack of love of knowledge underpins society. You don't need degrees, you don't need to be able to spell complex words, all that is needed is a passion for knowledge and an appreciation that the universe is a complex and wondrous place.

On the flip side, there is an onus on those who have made science their profession to share it - to pass on their enthusiasm and passion and get their work out there. Afterall, science is steeped in tradition, none more than the reporting of scientific work. Journals rely on a strict methodology, based on complex scientific documentation - the result often being a bit dry for sharing interesting findings to the wider population.

So this is my little way of sharing what goes on in my little niche in the scientific community - my area is molecular biology, but I love all things science and I hope to share some of the ups and downs of the world according to my eyes.

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